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MC - May 1 2012

Let’s face it – everyone and their mothers are trying to create the next big social media website. This makes it difficult for business owners to decide which platform will be most effective in reaching their target audience. “No Mom, I said we need to make it integrate, not into-great!”

Despite the vast amount of social media platforms out there, it’s hard to ignore the advances of Pinterest, the newest member to the social media posse. Whether you heard of it or not, let me re-introduce you:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an easy way to share and discover interesting content found on the web. You can comment, share it, and tell your grandmother all about it.

For all those visualizers out there: Pinterest is a corkboard where you can scrapbook bits and pieces of the web in one area that is visually stimulating. You can organise your interest however you want- it’s easy to display, plan and organize your collection of (insert hobby/passion here) found on other websites.

Sure, it may seem like the simple online scrapbook, but take a look at the statistics; according to Paul Armstrong from Media Week, 11.7 million users are using it each month!

Wait. It gets better. According to Janet Aronica from Sharoholic, Pinterest refers more clicks than Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Alright, an interest in Pinterest doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

What This Means for Marketers and Why It Works

Each pin is essentially a link to an external website. You want as many links as possible leading back to your website.

If a viewer on Pinterest enjoys one of your pins, they may ‘pin’ it on their board, which acts much like a ‘tweet’ on Twitter and a ‘share’ on Facebook. Additionally, others who view the pin will be redirected to your site, now reading your information.

You can easily increase the traffic to your website by pinning up content that your target audience is interested in. Users looking for your content or merely browsing the site can click one of your pins and visit your site. Sounds simple, right?

How to Increase your Traffic

To start, request an invitation and create a Pinterest account. Link your Pinterest account to your blog on your website, or other pages/ pictures that may bring in traffic. On your Pinterest account, be sure to write about your company and mention your blog in the ‘about’ section.

When you add something interesting to our website, pin it on your Pinterest board. You can have multiple boards for different purposes, so organize however you like! Try making everything cohesive and navigable.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pinterest is a visually stimulating site. People want to see nice pins, so choose your photos wisely! Take a look at pinboards you like or at your competitors- that will help you steer in the right direction.
  • I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but simply pinning content will not drive traffic to your website. You’re going to have to invest some time (ten minutes a day ought to be fine) in building up your following and establishing yourself as someone with a pinboard to visit often.
  • Consistency is key, as being on any social media platform. If you only post Fridays, or Tuesdays or a combination of days, you want to make sure your following will ‘tune in’ or check up on your posts that particular day, regardless if you show up in their feed or not.
  • Visual tutorials are great content to post on Pinterest. Try pinning some interesting tutorials people can try at home with your products!
  • Have fun, and be creative!!! Pinterest is all about creativity, so let your scrapbooking side come out and use it to generate more leads for your business!
Have any questions or additional tips to share? Don’t be shy! Comment below =)

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  • Great tips about Pinterest… I will definitely check it out and give it a try

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